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Maximum Crosswind Performance Demonstration Keflavik International Airport, Iceland

Keflavik International Airport is the airport of choice for major aircraft manufacturers to conduct maximum
crosswind performance demonstration flights. Periodical continuous strong winds, the layout and angle of
its 01-19 and 10-28 runways make the airport unique for crosswind testing.
The airport is operated by ISAVIA, the national Airport and Air Navigation Service provider of Iceland.
Crosswind test flights are subject to a special application process and permission to be granted by ISAVIA.

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Test Flight Parameters

The precondition for permission for test flights to be granted by ISAVIA is that the applicant concerned
demonstrates that the testflight does not present any increased risk to the aerodrome.
Test flights at Keflavik Airport are limited to only test flights that require special weather conditions to
Demonstrate Maximum Crosswind performance of an aircraft.


Large and Extreme Winds

Average wind speed at Keflavík Airport is relatively high in the wintertime during November through March. Storms are more likely during the high winter period December through February. The average wind-gust measured during storms is 57,6KT.


Daily Test Flight Period - hours


Test flights can be operated daily throughout the year on RWY 01-19 and RWY 10-28. Test flights are not permitted from 1430-1600 UTC daily (ref. AIP ICELAND BIKF AD 2.20.8, AD 2.23.5 & A0465/21 NOTAMN).
ATC may without prior notice need to restrict test flights in order to decrease workload and maintain safety at Keflavík Airport.


Meet Our Team

Ingimar Haukur Ingimarsson
Chief Executive Officer
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Páll Borg
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Atli Helgi Atlason
Chief Operating Officer
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Einar Sveinbjörnsson
Chief Meteorologist
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Snorri Gudmundsson
Test Flight Operation Consultant
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Hjörtur Hannesson
KEF-Airport Operation Consultant
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Kristinn Fannar Pálsson
Technical Engineering Consultant
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Wang Jin
Wang Jin
Director China
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Nick Ward
Nick Ward
Director China
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What we do provides management services and assistance to operators and aircraft manufactures to carry out MAXIMUM CROSSWIND PERFORMANCE DEMONSTRATION test flights at Keflavik International Airport. CROSSWIND coordinates specific required application procedures with Icelandic authorities to obtain necessary permits and arranges with supplier of services to provide required facilities and services prior to, during and after successful completion of test flights operation of but not limited to the following:

  • Applies to Icelandic Aviation Authorities and Airport Operator for permits to carry out crosswind test flights.
  • Applies to Airport Operator and Police to obtain security clearance for operator´s equipment, crew and personnel to access and operate airside within Keflavik Airport restricted area.
  • Presents to Airport Operator of manufacturer´s description of crosswind test flight procedures and applied test program.
  • Provides historical meteorology data and information and assisting with meteorologist consultation to prepare manufactures crosswind test flights.
  • Provides and organizes trip planning and ferry of test aircraft from origin to testing site in KEF and back including appropriate over-flight and landing permits, flight planning & dispatching, ground handling, catering, and fuel arrangement as well as other services on demand.
  • Organizes with Airport Operator and service companies to provide facilities, services, manpower and equipment required for operator to carry out crosswind test flights.
  • Coordinates with Air Traffic Control (ATC), Meteorology Office, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and Service Provider (ground handling services).
  • Organizes and manages hotel accommodation crew and personnel in the Keflavik area and/or Reykjavik area, including transportation and catering.
  • Organizes and manages transportation and catering inside the Keflavik Airport restricted area for crew and personnel.
  • Provides and handles import-export paperwork and custom clearance of aircraft spares and technical equipment required on-site inside Keflavik Airport restricted area during crosswind test flights.
  • Provides professional aviation photography of aircraft landing during crosswind test flights at Keflavik Airport at approved locations at runway 01-19 and 10-28 upon request.
  • Provides on-site management and 24/7 assistance during crosswind test flights and other operational related matters.
  • China’s office is in the heart of Shanghai close to China’s State aircraft manufacturer COMAC. The office manages our customer relationships in China and acts as our strategic hub covering aircraft manufacturers in the Asia-Pac region. ehf is an Icelandic registered company.


Falkavöllur 7, 235 Keflavik Airport, Iceland

+ 354 537 10 70


12th Flr, 580 W.Nanjing Rd, Shanghai China 200041

+86 133 8199 6292